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How It Works

Electronic Cigarettes by Puf Cigs are tobacco-free and contain nicotine.

When you receive your Puf Cigs electronic cigarettes, you will find these two main components:

How E Cigarettes Work

Disposable Battery

Puf Cigs disposable electronic cigarettes contain a lithium-ion disposable battery, while wired electronic cigarettes can draw power through a USB connection to connect the power source for recharging. It has an electronic airflow sensor that automatically triggers recharging when inhaled. A timed switch will cutoff and prevent overheating when the LED signals activation as well as alert the user when the battery is running low.


The cartomizer is a small disposable reservoir that has an opening in the front and back. It consists of a basic filament and wicking mesh that draws the liquid from the center of the electronic cigarette. This represents the whole cylinder of the cigarette, and is attached to one end and the power unit. The cartomizer allows the passage of liquid to the heating element and also serves as the mouthpiece to keep liquid from entering your mouth. It is done using an innovative sponge-like design through a plastic barrier, which is crafted with side channels that enable passage of the vapor. So when you inhale, you only get the nicotine and flavoring, without the typical smoke found in tobacco cigarettes.

**California Proposition 65 - This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.