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Puf Cigs Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness EcigsPuf Cigs, an electronic cigarette company founded by former smokers, knows that traditional cigarettes are extremely detrimental to the environment. As soon as a smoker finishes a cigarette, she or he will throw out the filter, otherwise commonly known as the cigarette butt, wherever and whenever. A smoker will simply flick that cigarette butt onto the ground without a second thought. You've likely seen this for yourself. You're driving to work and you see a small cylinder object fly across the highway, or you're walking to a local coffee shop and notice small yellowish objects on the street. Our grade school teachers taught us to never litter, so why do smokers litter the streets, the parks, and the highways with cigarette butts? Traditional cigarettes produce ash as a by product from the tobacco. Smokers know that ash is another way of saying 'potential mess to clean up.' Ash can stick onto many fabric surfaces as such clothing and car seats, and can cause discoloration. Worst of all, ash has a horrible smell and if left alone, that smell can accumulate and stick onto the fabric. At that point, professional cleaning services would be needed. So the best way to avoid the ash, throw away that cigarette butt regardless if it's lit or not. Preferably we would hope that the cigarette butt thrown away isn't lit, but most times, the cigarette butt is lit. Fires have started in homes, in public parks, and in forests because of lit cigarette butts.

Cigarette butts are the most littered item in the United States and throughout the entire world. About several trillion cigarettes are littered throughout the world each year. With trillions scattered throughout the world, it wouldn't be surprising to find cigarette butts in the stomach of sea animals. And that's actually true. But the worst part about cigarette butts is that they're made with cellulose acetate tow, which can take decades to degrade. So they'll float in oceans, clutter on streets, and clog sewers, for a very long time. 

Electronic cigarettes are nothing like traditional cigarettes, save for the nicotine content. A single electronic cigarette can last up to over one pack of traditional cigarettes. A traditional cigarette smoker will throw out twenty butts per pack where as an electronic cigarette user will only throw out one e-cig. In addition, an electronic cigarette is battery powered so there's no need to light anything with a fire. Simply make sure the battery is fully charged and vape away. Disposables come with a pre-charged battery, so immediate use is available. Lastly, unlike the traditional cigarette industry that makes no attempt to solve the cigarette butt problem, we at Puf Cigs offer a recycling program for our used electronic cigarettes. We want our customers to send us their used disposables and batteries and in return, we will give you ten Puf points per single battery as a thank you for your contribution to reducing waste and helping the environment. You can use Puf points towards future purchases.

You can send your used batteries to

Puf Cigs Inc.
P.O. Box 80477.
Staten Island, NY

Include your name and email address that is on your Puf Cigs shopping account.

Enjoy a pleasurable vaping experience with Puf Cigs while being environmental aware. Let's all chip in to help out Mother Nature!