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On the top right corner of our website's homepage, click on SIGN UP. From there, you can create an account. Just fill the form, click SUBMIT, and you'll be on your way to earning discounts. If you're curious as to why we ask for your age, we ask because we do not want any underaged individuals using our products. We strongly believe that no minor should have their hands on an electronic cigarette. In addition, you can sign up for our newsletter by checking SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER during the account creation. We appreciate your business, so as a thank you for creating an account, you'll earn 10 Puf points.

After you log in, click on ACCOUNT. You will see MY INVITATIONS on the left side of your account page. MY INVITATIONS is where you can share on social media. We currently allow social media sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can also share your own referral link on your personal blog, other social media channels, emails, or text it to friends of legal age to purchase electronic cigarettes. You can share as much as you want, so the Puf points can really rack up! However, we do monitor the social media shares for authenticity. We only want real people sharing Puf Cigs, not robots and computer programs! Earn 5 Puf points per social media share.

There are two ways you can sign up for Puf Cigs newsletter. When you fill in the form to create your own Puf Cigs account, you can check SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER and you're set to receive newsletters about Puf Cigs latest deals. The other way to sign up is access your account dashboard and click on NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIPTIONS. Check the box for GENERAL SUBSCRIPTION, click on SAVE, and you're good to go! You will earn 5 Puf points for signing up.

All of our products are open for review because we want to hear your thoughts. You can review any of our products by simply clicking on the product you wish to review and on the bottom. click on REVIEWS. Fill in the form, submit, and you're done. Best part, you'll receive 10 Puf points for each review. But once again, we will monitor reviews because we only want real people submitting reviews, not automated programs and robots. Robots and programs do not vape, so they wouldn't be a trustworthy source.

You can refer your friends to Puf Cigs by using the MY INVITATIONS located under account dashboard. You can invite as many friends as you like, but make sure you only invite friends that are of legal age to purchase electronic cigarettes! We only want adults to visit and buy our products! For each referral you make, you'll earn 10 Puf points. And there's no limit to how many referrals you can make as long as they're authentic.