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Tobacco Red
Smokers looking for a smarter alternative to analog cigarettes should turn to Tobacco Red. This flavor has a rich earthy taste that many users have considered to be better than the real thing.
Smooth Tobacco
Light and smooth in flavor, Smooth Tobacco is the flavor for smokers that prefer a lighter tobacco flavor. Great, light tobacco flavor and plenty of vapor to satisfy your cravings.
Menthol Ice
A lighter, refreshing icy cool blend best describes the Menthol Ice flavor. Designed for the lighter menthol smokers.
Extreme Menthol
A strong minty blizzard taste for the menthol lovers out there. You won't be disappointed in the strong cool flavor in Extreme Menthol.
Vanilla Cream
The creamy, light taste of vanilla leaves you satisfied and refreshed. This flavor has a milky, creamy inhale with a vanilla scented exhale.
Watermelon Splash
Juicy watermelon flavor with a hint of sweetness is what Watermelon Splash is all about. Warm summer memories with this delicious electronic liquid.
Pineapple Passion
The tangy sweetness of fresh sliced pineapple is what you'll find in this flavor. Enjoy the richest taste of Pineapple in vapor form.
Green Apple
Like a refreshing sip of cool apple juice, Apple packs a smooth combination of sweetness with good vapor production.
Cherry Blast
Though not a traditional flavor, the sweet taste of fresh cherries leaves a pleasant after taste as is a great alternative to traditional tobacco flavors. If you like cherries, you'll love Cherry Blast.
Mango Madness
Mango is a unique taste. You'll warm up to the taste of a unique sweetness not found in other e-liquids. Not over-powering, but just enough to leave a sweet mango after taste.

Puf Cigs Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridges are bigger than the industry average. And bigger means more electronic juice for a longer and better vaping experience. So grab your electronic cigarette and check out the top-notch great flavors we offer!