Is E-Cig Vapor Offensive?

man smoking cigarette black and white portraitThere was a time when it was unclear whether or not electronic cigarette vapor possessed similar adverse health effects as cigarette smoke. Some claimed that the presence of chemical constituents in the vapor should raise concerns about toxicity. On the other hand, others believed that the vapor was virtually harmless. A debate had been going on with each side throwing opinions and baseless ‘facts.’ But the facts are in, so the opinions are out. A recent study partially funded by the United States National Institutes of Health has determined that the vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is not harmful to users or bystanders, compared to cigarette smoke.  This is good news for everyone as there is no harm done in e-cig vapor. But despite scientific evidence there are individuals that find e-cig vapor offensive as well as still believing the vapor is dangerous to their health.

To the individuals that find e-cig vapor offensive, wasn’t the original argument that the vapor was harmful to bystanders? But since scientists have dished out the evidence, you now find e-cig vapor offensive? Because of the smell, the presence of vapor, the look of it? E-cig vapor smells like the flavor within the e-liquid. If you’re vaping Vanilla Cream, then the vapor will have a subtle smell of vanilla. So unless you find the smell of vanilla, mango, or cherry repulsive, the smell emitted by e-cig vapor should not bother you, much less put you in a sour mood. Certainly smell cannot be an issue. So is it the presence of vapor? Vapor produced by electronic cigarettes do not linger nearly as long as cigarette smoke. As quickly as the vapor is released into the air is the relatively the same time it dissipates without a trace of residual odor. Perhaps the two to five second presence of vapor is offensive, but to get worked up over something that flashes by so quickly is a bit childish. We’re all taught to be patient. It would seem that opponents against electronic cigarettes are just prejudice against the product because of the way it looks. Disliking someone or something based upon looks is definitely a childish act. We were taught to be better by our parents and in school, and now’s a good time to put that lesson into action. Don’t condemn a person for vaping because you don’t know the full story. Perhaps the vaper used to smoke two packs of cigarettes per day. That’s a tough habit to break, so cut people some slack.


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