World Vapor Expo Brings Awareness to the Smoking Community

Miami, Florida will be hosting the World Vapor Expo Electronic Cigarette Show for the general public this weekend, June 7-8. Co-founder of the expo, Gordon Gerstein, believes the expo will be beneficial to the public in bringing awareness to the positive changes electronic cigarettes will have on the smoking community. And this is a good thing because opponents against electronic cigarettes are making outrageous claims without hard evidence to back those claims.

Electronic cigarettes are tobacco-free, tar-free, and smoke-free. An electronic cigarette is a plastic stick, sometimes metallic, that heats up a flavored liquid and that liquid turns into vapor for users to inhale and exhale. The cloud of “smoke” that users exhale is actually water vapor. The vapor will disperse quickly and more importantly, the vapor will not smell like ash or burnt paper, but it will smell like the liquid. So a user that’s vaping vanilla cream will produce vapor that smells like vanilla. How exactly is that a danger to public health, we’re not sure. But we can venture to guess that smelling vanilla may encourage cravings for ice cream or vanilla soda or even blondies (vanilla brownies).

An electronic cigarette is a significant piece of technology that can potentially save the lives of millions across the world and it can help the world as well. An electronic cigarette contains less than 10 contaminants whereas a traditional cigarette contains over 9,000. Also, there are rechargeable electronic cigarettes, meaning that many e-cig users can use the same product over and over while traditional users will have to buy a new pack. Many electronic cigarettes are recyclable, and traditional cigarettes? Billions of cigarette butts are littered across the globe. It’s a clear sign that electronic cigarette are not as harmful as the opponents believe them to be.

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