I was at the doctor for my annual visit and I was nervous. I hadn’t been feeling well. My energy level was low, my skin color was off, my hair was thinning, and I had bad breath. I told myself it was because I was getting older, but I was worried.Why didn’t I quit smoking when the doctor told me to last year?

The doctor came in and opened my files. She was flipping through my chart and offered a hardy, “Hmph”.She leaned in close then lifted my upper lip to look at my teeth.She stroked her thumb over the puckering skin. She pulled down on the skin around my eyes. I flinched a bit because I was embarrassed by the number of wrinkles I acquired since my last visit. She shot me an annoyed look before clicking on her pen light so she could get a better look.

When she was satisfied that I was sufficiently humiliated, she rolled back her stool and asked to see my hands. I gave them to her palms up and she jerked them over.She was gazing at the tobacco stained fore and middle fingers on my right hand.

She looked at me and I hung my head. “I know, I know! You’re going to yell at me because I haven’t quit smoking.I only smoke casually, though.”

“What do you consider casual?”

“Not even a pack a day,” I lied.I read somewhere that if you smoked under a pack of cigarettes a day it wasn’t as harmful to your health.

“Those must be some strong cigarettes,” she laughed.“Your hair, no matter how chic the cut, reeks of smoke. Your teeth are yellow and the skin around your mouth and eyes is wrinkled. ”

Before I could answer, she rolled away to write in my file and said, “By the way, those manicured red finger nails clash with your tar stained cuticles.Not a good look for a woman who wears designer clothes.”

I clenched my hands shut, hoping to hide the truth. “What am I supposed to do?I tried to quit smoking but I can’t.”

“You have to quit smoking,” she retorted.

“After all these years it’s not easy.I hear those quit smoking pills cause psychotic episodes and the nicotine gum is bad for your teeth. I want to quit smoking – I swear, but I don’t know how.”

She wrote something else in my chart then said, “Your blood work is fine – for now.We are all getting older so you need to eat a low fat diet and exercise a bit more. And for goodness sake, quit smoking!”

She shook my hand and I could see what she was thinking – this woman is killing herself because she won’t quit smoking.

As I stood on the sidewalk outside of the office I reflexively pulled my cigarettes out of my purse.I slid one from the pack as I walked to my car.I was about to light it when I glimpsed my reflection in the window of the convenience store.

Quit smoking!

It was then that I noticed the sticker on the door – “Puf Cigs sold here.”

Electronic cigarettes? Lots of people were using them. They’re cheaper than tobacco and they don’t have the ash, smell or heat. No tar stained fingers and teeth and definitely no wrinkles.

Puf Cigs advertise 900 puffs per stick – that’s equivalent to three packs of traditional cigarettes which means I would save about 75%.

I tossed my cigarettes into the trash.It was time to quit smoking!

I walked up to the counter to survey the wide variety of flavors Puf Cigs offered.I chose Vanilla Cream.

I tore open the package right inside the store and took a deep pull on the soft tip filter. It felt just like a real cigarette, but the taste of the Puf Cigs was delicious. It gave me all the sensations of smoking without the nasty side effects.

I knew then that I could quit smoking.

A year passed since I purchased my first Puf Cig Vanilla Cream. Now I place my orders online to get deeper discounts at www.pufcigs.com. When I visited the doctor, she couldn’t believe the difference in me. I have energy. My hair smells like shampoo instead of smoke and my skin looks moist and healthy – no more wrinkles!

I quit smoking thanks to Puf!

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