Why Electronic Cigarettes?

There are many cigarette smokers who have switched over to e-cigarettes because they know know how the cost of a disposable electronic cigarette compared to the traditional tobacco cigarette. During a slow economy, users of electronic cigarettes reap major savings over tobacco cigarettes.

For the greatest saving opportunity, electronic cigarette users will need to purchase a starter kit. Puf Cigs offer starter kits with two cartridges, one USB charger, and one rechargeable battery for only $20. Each reloadable pack comes with three cartridges at $10. A single cartridge is equivalent to one pack of cigarette. If you live in New York City, you know that e-cigs provide substantial savings because a pack of cigs cost about $14. While the traditional smoker will pay on average $1,800 annually on cigarettes, an e-cigarette smoker would only spend for nicotine cartridges approximately $1,000.

As e-cigarettes are swiftly becoming the smarter alternative for smokers, users are already seeing some of the benefits of electronic cigarettes. The vapor that is released from e-cigs do not smell like smoke and it does not cling onto clothes. Women and men love e-cigarettes because their house, car and clothing smelling clean and fresh. There is no tar in an e-cig so users do not have to worry over stained teeth and bad breath. Best of all, an e-cig does not require a match and an ashtray. You won’t get any sloppy, pesky ashes like you would in tobacco cigarettes.

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