Why Chicago Banned Indoor E-Cigarette Smoking?

It won’t be long before we see electronic cigarette smokers standing next to traditional tobacco cigarette smokers outside bars, restaurants and other Chicago locales. On Monday, members of the city council advanced a plan supported by Mayor Rahm Emanuel under the Clean Indoor Air Act to consider e-cigarettes the same as other tobacco products. In other words, the products aren’t going to be permitted inside public locations.

Chicago aldermen made a complaint about a former version of the ordinance, which would have only prohibited men and women from smoking electronic cigarettes loaded with nicotine cartridges in public locations, making the argument that it would be practically unbearable for business owners to decipher whether or not a patron had an electronic cigarette with nicotine. The full council will make no distinction between electronic cigarettes filled with products which entail nicotine and e-cigarettes without it.

Chicago aldermen still express concerns about the indoor ban, as they make the argument that there is no apparent scientific consensus, which the vapor emanated from e-cigarettes is lethal like smoke from products with tobacco.

This ordinance also entails that electronic cigarettes be marketed behind the counter. The commissioner of the Chicago Department of Public Health believes this is meant to make it more difficult for minors to take up e-cigarettes. The cartridges which can be loaded into the electronic cigarettes can be purchased in candy flavors. Critics believe that these flavors are enjoyable for children who then become addicted on traditional cigarettes.

In fact, last year the general assembly passed a measure which stipulates a statewide ban on the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors; retailers are also required to check anyone’s age who seems younger than 27 and attempts to purchase an electronic cigarette.

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