We Say Yea to Child-Proof E-Cig Liquids

Yesterday, New York Senator Charles Schumer called on the federal government to require child-proof caps on all containers used to refill electronic cigarettes. We at Puf Cigs say yea to child-proof e-cig liquids. And heres why:

In 2013, poison control centers in New York received 46 calls regarding accidental poisonings from electronic liquids. And this year, the centers have received nearly 70 calls so far. It’s very likely the number of calls in 2014 will triple that of 2013.  The scariest part of all is that more than half of the poison control center calls regarding accidental poisoning were about a child. It’s very clear that electronic cigarettes are getting increasingly popular, and it’s also very clear that proper regulation of electronic cigarettes need to be implemented as soon as possible. The government has always been slow to approve things, but this is one topic that doesn’t much thought, so there shouldn’t be dilly-dallying. Schumer’s push for child-proofing e-liquids should be passed and placed into effect as soon as possible.

But until the government has placed proper regulations, parents need to be more mindful as to where they place their e-liquids. Parents, place your e-liquids in the medicine cabinet or in any area where a child cannot reach. Children do not know any better, so e-liquid flavors like vanilla and chocolate are bound to attract their attention.

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