Vaping in Bars and Restaurants: Yes or No?

“Should you be able to use electronic cigarettes in bars and restaurants?” is a question that many advocates for electronic cigarettes have asked. Smokers, former and current, know this phrase all too well: “There’s a time and place for everything.” Current smokers know they cannot pull out an analog cigarette whenever he/she feels like it at a restaurant or bar because there are rules and regulations that prevent them from doing so. They would have to leave the premise and if required by a sign that says “Do Not Smoke Within 15 Feet of Establishment,” would also have to walk far enough to light that analog cigarette. This policy on smoking is meant to reduce cigarette smoke within closed spaces because the smell of smoke is unpleasant and there’s great risk in secondhand smoke. But the unpleasant smell and health complications from cigarette smoke are derived from analog cigarettes, not electronic cigarettes.

Vaping within closed spaces shouldn’t be a problem as the vapor is not unpleasant and due to the make up of the vapor itself, the health complications are likely far fewer and less riskier. So should you be able to use electronic cigarettes in bars and restaurants? We discussed the question among our co-workers and fellow colleagues, and came to a conclusion that electronic cigarettes should be allowed in bars, not restaurants. Here’s the reasoning behind it.

In the United States, you must be at least twenty one years old in order to purchase, obtain, or consume alcohol. You must also be at least twenty one years of age in order to enter an establishment classified as a bar. At the age of twenty one, the individual is mature enough to make decisions for oneself because drinking alcohol can cause various health complications such as high blood pressure, irregular heart beat, weakened immune system, steatosis, liver cancer, and stroke. Adults are willingly entering establishments where they will purchase a drink that may cause future health concerns, for seven dollars. So why can’t they vape at an establishment that sells future health issues in liquid form?

Think about it.


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