Using Electronic Cigarettes to Quit Smoking

The long-term health effects of e-cigarettes are still relatively unknown. However, there are surveys which find that men and women who use the electronic cigarette devices deem them to be smarter and more comfortable way to break the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Many have attested to the fact that they began to use these devices to switch from traditional cigarettes. In fact, a smaller percentage stated that their goal was either to quit smoking or better their health.

A researcher has studied users of e-cigarettes and found that the discoveries alleviate fears that men and women use the electronic cigarette devices to get more nicotine upon what is in traditional cigarettes already, instead of end of smoking. The improvement of e-cigarettes emerged in 2004 in China. These devices are powered by batteries and allow users to inhale vapors infused by nicotine, which don’t entail the fatal tar and carbon monoxide discovered in tobacco smoke.

Despite the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, researchers concur that there is not much known about who and why men and women use electronic cigarettes. Over 75% of surveyors stated that they began using electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking; 22% stated they began using e-cigarettes for other reasons, which includes smoking cessation, health reasons and to avert smoking restrictions.

Out of these surveyors, a vast majority said either they’d not smoke cigarettes for some weeks or months since they started using the electronic device, or they had decreased their smoking drastically. Researchers also discovered that the majority of men and women responding to these surveys felt their health had a vast improvement since they began using the e-cigarettes.

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