How to Use a Personal Vaporizer

Personal Vaporizer - Puf CigsA personal vaporizer can potentially be a powerful tool in aiding one’s desire to stop smoking by switching to vaping. These battery-operated devices are a popular choice for former smokers and smokers because users can still experience the satisfaction of smoking without nearly as many harmful effects that are associated with traditional cigarettes. In addition to what make these devices so popular, they can be filled with any flavor of e-liquid which means it is a device for anyone that vapes. Puf Cigs’ Liquid Puf line offers a variety of flavors at various nicotine strength levels ranging from nicotine free to 24 mg.

The following instructions below are for Puf Cigs personal vaporizers. Before attempting to use the vaporizer, please ensure that the Ultramax Battery is fully charged so that you can enjoy a pleasant vaping experience without disruptions. To charge the Ultramax Battery, simply unscrew the Tornado Tank and connect the battery to your USB charging dongle.

Step One: Unscrew the Tornado Tank from the Ultramax Battery. A few turns should be sufficient to remove the tank from the battery.

Step Two: Unscrew the bottom cap of the Tornado Tank.

Step Three: With the mouthpiece of the Tornado Tank facing the floor, carefully aim the Puf Liquid bottle toward the wall of the tank. As you pour the e-liquid into the tank, ensure that no liquid gets into the center tube. Also ensure that you do not fill the tank above the center tube as this will cause the e-liquid to leak into the mouthpiece.

Step Four: Screw the bottom cap back onto the Tornado Tank while maintaining the mouthpiece’s position directed at the floor.

Step Five: Screw the Tornado Tank onto the Ultramax battery.

Step Six: Press on the power button when you wish to vape. Inhale and exhale. Enjoy vaping!


Tips and Advices:

1. In order to turn on your Ultramax battery, you must rapidly press on the power button five times. The circular light will flash a few times meaning that it is operational. If you wish to turn off the battery to conserve battery life, simply rapidly press on the power button five times and the circular light will flash a few times as an indication of turning off.

2. Just as you would charge your electronic devices on a daily basis, we recommend that you charge your Ultramax Battery every day to ensure maximum efficiency when vaping.

3. If you would like to clean out the e-liquid inside your Tornado Tank, you must remove the bottom cap and rinse the inner tube with water. Rinsing the tube a few times can help rid residual e-liquid.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Puf Cigs personal vaporizer, just contact our customer services team and they’ll answer all your questions to the best of their ability!

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