U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary Julian Castro says tobacco must go but e cigs can stay – for now at least.

The Weekly Standard reported that this week, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development secretary, Julian Castro banned the use of tobacco cigarettes in the nearly 1 million public housing units across America.  When asked why e cigs weren’t banned as well he responded, “that “research to date on [electronic cigarettes] is still developing and lacks clear consensus, in contrast with research on the effects of cigarettes and other tobacco products.”

Finally it seems that someone in government is getting it. In our other blogs we reported on foreign governments that have actually done research on e cigs and found them to be a safe alternative to traditional tobacco products. Unfortunately, the American FDA, in a very rare move, decided to issue warnings against the use of e cigs because of “lack of data.”

While the US FDA continues to warn against e cigs, millions of people worldwide have been able to break the smoking habit by using electronic cigarettes.  What more data do they need?  They know that smoking kills and they have come to realize that even second hand smoke can cause health problems.  Any thinking person could then deduce, that if e cigs are helping smokers quit, they serve the purpose of reducing both first and second hand smoke. The logical next deduction is that e cigs are better for you and those people around you than smoking tobacco products.

It’s almost laughable that on their websites, government health agencies are recommending nicotine gum, patches and other products that feed nicotine directly into your blood stream, but in the same paragraphs they warn against e cigs because of the nicotine.  That leaves most of us scratching our heads.  What is even more frustrating is that they are touting these products as smoking cessation products that work.  Oh really?  Talk to a few smokers and ask them whether chewing gum, swallowing pills or wearing a patch got rid of their urge to puff. Most will tell you that the urge remains with them especially when they are faced with triggers.

As a former smoker I can tell you that I tried to quit more than a dozen times.  I tried everything, even the “FDA recommended smoking cessation products”.  None worked and I remained stressed at my inability to quit until I tried a Puf Cig.  I picked one up and never smoked another cigarette again. Once I stopped smoking, my husband, who smoked two packs a day for 45 years decided to quit. He did it on his first try using an e cig.  Today he walks everywhere he can and has the breathe in his lungs to whistle as he does.

Still skeptical, my father who is now 80 and began smoking when he was 11 stopped smoking 2 years ago using Puf Cigs.  The doctors are amazed at the sudden improvement in his health.

The FDA continues to say there isn’t enough data to recommend e cigs.  But there is enough data to know that second hand smoke is unhealthy. Why then do they insist on sending e cig smokers out to stand in doorways next to tobacco smokers if they want to puff their e cig?  If the second hand smoke doesn’t get us, caving to temptation caused by the smokers around us will.

Thank you Secretary Castro for using common sense when issuing your ban.  Please send a memo to the FDA to do the same

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