Traveling This Holiday Season with E-Cigs? Read This…

You finally found a few hangout places that allow vaping (e-cigarettes that is). You have your favorite restaurant, café, and so on. Now you can vape in peace without jeopardizing the health of the people that surround you. Even commercial airlines allow e-cigarettes, but they have a few guidelines that e-cig users should be aware of before pulling out the vapor.

The following tips are for those who are traveling with non-disposables. You’ll find that Puf Cigs e-cigarettes are much easier to travel with because they are disposable. You just pack and go. You don’t have to worry about extra parts. Click here for more information on our flavored disposable e-cigarettes.

If you’re not carrying disposables, here’s what you need to do:

Airline Tips for Non-Disposable E-Cigarettes

  • To speed up security checkpoint at the airport, hide all of your liquid discreetly. Place your e-liquid and e-cigarettes into an envelope. If for some reason a TSA agent doesn’t allow you to board the plane, you’ll need to mail your e-cigarette items to your final destination.
  • Airports only allow 3.4 ounce bottles of gel or liquid to be carried on the plane. If you have bottles that exceed that amount, you will have to place them into your checked baggage.
  • Make sure you store your e-liquid and e-cigarette parts in Ziploc bags (separately before placing them into an envelope.
  • Bring along extra batteries, e-liquid and carts to last your entire trip to avoid running out. We recommend using disposables because you don’t have to worry about bringing extra batteries. Our batteries are built into the e-cigarette. Go here to find out how our e-cigarettes work.

Last but certainly not least, we recommend contacting the airline that you’re traveling on before whipping out your e-cigarettes. The list above is a general list. Airlines tend to change their rules frequently. It’s better to know in advance on what to do. There’s nothing worse than ruining a good trip over a dispute over an e-cigarette rule.

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