Tobacco CEO is Vaping

Reynolds and LorillaReynolds American CEO Susan Cameron has joined the future as the former smoker now spends her days vaping electronic cigarettes. Ms. Cameron’s new vaping lifestyle is another clear indication that electronic cigarettes are on an upward path to triumphing traditional cigarettes. But that’s small news compared to this: Reynolds American is nearing a deal to acquire Lorillard Inc. The marriage between Reynolds and Lorillard would reshape the tobacco industry on a historic level. For those unfamiliar with these companies, Reynolds American is the second largest tobacco company in the United States with an annual revenue of 8.2 billion dollars. Reynolds manufactures and markets a variety of tobacco products, such as Camel, Winston, Salem, and Grizzly. Lorillard Inc is the third largest tobacco company with an annual revenue of 6.4 billion dollars. Lorillard sells a variety of tobacco brands and electronic cigarettes, such as Newport and Blu Cigs.

The union between Reynolds and Lorillard will provide corporate muscle to the already growing electronic cigarette market. Check out this New York Times article to learn more about this possible deal. Reynolds in Talks to Acquire Lorillard in Merger of Tobacco Rivals

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