The Big Tobacco Is Moving In

Successful BusinessWe knew this day would come. Big tobacco companies are moving into the neighborhood of electronic cigarettes. Some electronic cigarette companies think this is a wondrous idea because big companies have big money and big money means lobbying power in Congress. However, other e-cig companies are not warming up to this. And there’s good reason.

As we all know or should know by now, electronic cigarettes are a smarter alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes since these vaping products are battery-operated devices that heat liquid and create smokeless vapor. E-cigs are recyclable, so they have a small impact on the environment. E-cigs do not produce smoke, ash or tar, so there’s very little to possibly no health complications. Now let’s look at traditional tobacco cigarettes. Traditional cigs are not recyclable, so there are literally billions of cigarette butts littered throughout the world. You’ve seen them flying out of cars or laying on the streets. Traditional cigs produce smoke, ash and tar, which leads to a long list of illnesses and health complications. Overall, electronic cigarette companies, for the most part, carry a ‘healthy’ reputation where as tobacco companies carry a rather ‘unhealthy’ reputation with them. For tobacco companies to move in with us (electronic cigarette companies)…well, we have mixed feelings about this.

Those that say ‘Ye’ to the Big Tobacco moving in believe that tobacco companies will put money into the research to determine the health effects of electronic cigarettes, and they will put large sums of money to lobby electronic cigarettes in the right direction. On the other hand, those against the Big Tobacco moving in believe that tobacco companies will put small players out of business. They have more money and more connections, so it’s easy for tobacco companies to get their products on the market. This scares a lot of electronic cigarette companies.

When big companies move in, it’s a clear sign that the smaller companies are doing something right. According to the New York Times, ‘Electronic cigarettes have become an overnight sensation, with $2.5 billion in sales.’ But $2.5 billion is a crumb in the pie compared to what the tobacco industry makes. So why are big tobacco companies moving into the electronic cigarette market? Well, many of our (Puf Cigs) customers are former smokers. And we’re not the only electronic cigarette that has attracted smokers. It’s very likely that in due time, electronic cigarettes will outsell traditional cigarettes. The big boys are now playing with the little guys. The makers of Camel cigarettes announced that they will start to distribute its Vuse electronic cigarettes nationwide on June 23rd. The makers of Marlboro cigarettes plan to release MarkTen, its own brand of e-cigs. And other major tobacco companies either have plans to begin its own e-cig line or have purchased successful e-cig companies. The move from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes seems inevitable.

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