The Anti-Smoking Movement Is Wrong About E-Cigarettes

Regardless of when something is running smoothly, there is always a group of people that want to come and change things around. The saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” rings true in many situations, especially when it comes to e-cigarettes.

Recently, the anti-smoking movement decided to go after the e-cigarette industry in hopes of banning companies from selling them online. They claim that traces of harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes can be found in e-cigarettes.

There have been many studies that have proven that e-cigarettes aren’t harmful. E-cigarettes are also safe for bystanders, unlike tobacco cigarettes. As a matter of fact, Drexel University’s Igor Burstyn, recently reviewed literature on e-cigarettes.

He concluded that there aren’t any known “toxicological synergies” found within e-cigarettes that are harmful to a person’s health. In addition, there aren’t any vapor contaminants in e-cigarettes that should raise concerns.

E-Cigarettes Have Helped Many People Quit Smoking

What many critics fail to realize is that e-cigarettes have helped many people quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes offer a variety of benefits. For one, they are much safer to use than cigarettes because there is no open flame to light.

Plus, there have been many positive reports from users that claim they felt a lot healthier after switching from tobacco cigarettes to smoking e-cigarettes.

There are so many other problems this country is facing these days, banning people from smoking e-cigarettes in public places and selling them online should not be on anyone’s priority list.

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