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Sharing the Success of E-Cigs

Staten Island Advance’s Tracey Porpora wrote an article about us, Puf Cigs, this morning: From Stock Broker to E-Smoker: Staten Islander Cashing in on E-Cig Craze. A well-written article about the business of Puf...

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Did Japan Tobacco Inc Make the Right Purchase?

Early this morning, Japan Tobacco Inc announced that it has agreed to purchase all outstanding shares of Zandera. Zandera is the parent company of E-Lites, which supposedly is the leading brand of electronic cigarettes in Britain.

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Puff Away in Louisiana

In late May 2014, the state of Louisiana decided to ban electronic cigarettes sales to people under the age of 18, and we strongly approve of Louisiana’s decision. Until people turn 18, they are...

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World Vapor Expo Brings Awareness to the Smoking Community

Miami, Florida will be hosting the World Vapor Expo Electronic Cigarette Show for the general public this weekend, June 7-8. Co-founder of the expo, Gordon Gerstein, believes the expo will be beneficial to the...

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North Carolina Passes E-Cig Tax

Minnesota is no longer the only state with an electronic cigarette tax as North Carolina becomes the second state to pass an e-cig tax. This tax makes an attempt to draw a clear distinction...

Ecigs banned in New York City 0


By Leticia Remauro: Today the ill conceived campaign to treat electronic cigarettes as illegal and harmful objects planted its roots in New York City as the “Electronic Cigarette ban” went into effect. As written...