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Smoking Policies Put to the Test With E-Cigs

There are only three states – North Dakota, New Jersey, and Utah – and about 172 cities and counties that ban the use of electronic cigarettes in workplaces, bars, and restaurants. Some may claim...

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Staying Ahead of the Game by Not Marketing to Kids

New York 1 released an article this morning about US Senators accusing electronic cigarette executives of marketing to kids. Luckily, we weren’t accused because we made the commitment to exclude minors from our marketing...

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Governor Snyder Gives E-Cigs ‘Special Attention’

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is giving ‘special attention’ to legislation designed to keep electronic cigarettes out of the hands of minors. Mr. Snyder may veto bipartisan legislation that would prohibit the sale of electronic...

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Over 3,000 Products?

Can you imagine browsing through 3,000 electronic cigarette products? We picture rows of tiny boxes situated neatly on shelves. The store wouldn’t be big since 3,000 e-cig products will not take up a lot of...

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Puf Cigs Signs Method Man Into An Exclusive Partnership

Staten Island, NY – Puf Cigs, Staten Island’s leading electronic cigarette company, announced today that it will enter into an exclusive partnership with Method Man, legendary hip hop artist from the famed Wu-Tang Clan.

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A Doomsday for E-Liquid Shops and Companies

Yesterday, the New York Senate passed Bill-S6939B with 39 ayes, 19 nays, and 3 excused. In ninety days from June 17, 2014, this bill will bring upon doomsday for all companies and shops that...

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The Big Tobacco Is Moving In

We knew this day would come. Big tobacco companies are moving into the neighborhood of electronic cigarettes. Some electronic cigarette companies think this is a wondrous idea because big companies have big money and big...

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Abortion, Parasailing, and Electronic Cigarettes

We thought we would never find abortion, parasailing, and electronic cigarettes in the same article, but the time has arrived. Florida Governor Rick Scott signed ninety-five bills into law on Friday, June 13th.

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The E-Cig Industry Strikes Back

No, this has nothing to do with Star Wars. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and some legislators plan to implement a 75% wholesales tax on electronic cigarettes and related gear. By doing so, the tax...

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FDA Regulation on E-Cigs: Yea or Nay?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is developing product standards for electronic cigarettes and other nicotine delivery systems so that they may gain regulatory authority over them.