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Smoking analog cigarettes has so many complications, you really have to wonder why people smoke analogs when they should be vaping digital vapor cigarettes. Let’s start with the package itself. The traditional cigarette pack is roughly the size of a men’s wallet. Guys, you have your wallet in one front pocket and your mobile phone in the other front pocket. Your pack of cigarettes would have to go in your back pocket and if it does, there’s a good chance the cigarettes will get crushed. The pack is made of thin card stock. Doesn’t offer much protection. And ladies, while you may have a purse to carry that pack of cigs in, don’t you feel like it’s a waste of space? Now as for a digital vapor cigarette, its size is roughly that of an average pen, just slightly shorter. Guys, you can put that digital vapor cigarette in your front pocket next to your wallet and you probably won’t notice it’s there due to it’s convenient size. Ladies, with the digital vapor cigarette being the shape of a pen, imagine what you can do with all that extra space. Your choice whether you want to use it or not.

Let’s move on to the next complication with analog cigarettes – the need for a lighter. So not only do you have to carry that pack of cigarettes, you have to carry a lighter as well. Well that’s inconvenient and let’s hope that fellas, you don’t put the lighter in your back pocket and sit down. Chances are you could crack the plastic shell and spill lighter fluid on your backside. Talk about possibly lighting your ass on fire. Of course, you could put the lighter into the cigarette pack after you’ve smoked a few cigs, but that cigarette pack is made of thin card stock. Paper and lighter fluid? Bad idea. And the complication with needing a lighter doesn’t end there. Any smoker and former smoker knows that it’s difficult to light up a cigarette when there’s wind or rain, and a combination of the two makes things even more difficult. So what about a digital vapor cigarette? There’s no need for a lighter. Just make sure you fully charge the device and you’re good to go! Take a puff when you need to and put it away when you’re done. Rain, sleet, snow, or wind, nothing will stop you. Maybe a hurricane. And there’s nothing to throw out, unlike analogs which leads me to the next complication.

Every time you finish smoking a cigarette, you flick the cigarette butt onto the ground. That cigarette butt usually ends up clogging sewers or being devoured by aquatic life. Not cool. On the other hand, a digital vapor cigarette is rechargeable so you can use the device over and over again, much like how you can use your smartphone over and over after a good charge. Also, the device is recycleable. You’re actually helping the environment by becoming aware of proper disposal. Many companies that sell this type of device also offer recycling programs and those programs usually come with rewards. Win-win situation here. You help the planet you live in and you get rewards for it.

You also help yourself by switching over to digital vapor cigarettes. As you know, the use of traditional cigarettes have been linked to serious health complications such as cancer, lung diseases, and heart problems. There have been arguments that claim a digital vapor cigarette is as dangerous as its combustible counterpart, but that’s not true. In a short-term study funded by the United States National Institutes of Health, it was revealed that the vapor produced from the devices is not harmful to the user or bystanders, compared to cigarette smoke. In addition, the devices are much likely to be less dangerous than the current risks of smoking tobacco cigarettes. And here’s the best part, digial vapor cigarettes have enabled some users to quit smoking or reduce consumption. There’s another win-win situation. You can get your nicotine fix, stop smoking, and start saving money. Compared to digital vapor cigs, traditional cigarettes are expensive.

The taxes on traditional cigarettes are different from state to state, but in New York, a pack of cigarettes cost roughly thirteen dollars! A rechargeable digital vapor cig costs only ten dollars and the cartridges cost even less. A pack of three cartridges which is equivalent to 2-3 packs of cigarettes cost about ten dollars. Three packs of traditional cigs costs about forty dollars and that equivalent in cartridges cost ten dollars. It’s a no brainer on why you should switch over a digital vapor cigarette. Use the money you’ll save on vacation, or a new toy, or whatever pleases your adulthood. Just don’t buy anymore traditional cigarettes when switching over to digital vapor cigs will be the better and smarter alternative.


Save space in your pockets or purse. Vape whenever you want with disregard for weather. Help the environment and yourself. Save a lot of Benjamins. Switch over to digital vapor cigarette.

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