Staying Ahead of the Game by Not Marketing to Kids

FRANCE-SMOKING-TOBACCO-CIGARETTENew York 1 released an article this morning about US Senators accusing electronic cigarette executives of marketing to kids. Luckily, we weren’t accused because we made the commitment to exclude minors from our marketing campaigns since our founding. The executives from Blu Cigs and NJoy, the two leading electronic cigarettes companies were under fire during a senate hearing at Capitol Hill last week. California Senator Barbara Boxer claimed that the executives willingly knew they were marketing to minors with flavors such as cotton candy, gummy bear, and rocket pop. In response, the executives argued that the fruity, fun flavors are favorites of those legal to purchase electronic cigarettes, the adults.

We at Puf Cigs understand the senators’ intentions of restricting youth exposure to electronic cigarettes. We were the first to answer New York Senator Charles Schumer’s ban on electronic cigarette marketing toward minors. We even have a video to prove this! But on the other hand, we also understand where the executives of Blu and NJoy are coming from. Adults were once kids as well. There are flavors that will never leave our lives. For instance, one of our employees asked if Puf Cigs would ever make a cotton candy flavor because growing up, his grandparents would buy cotton candy for him at carnivals. The higher ups of Puf said cotton candy is a flavor with too much association with kids even though a lot of adults would love the flavor. We asked our employees on what flavors they would want Puf Cigs to make. Here are some of the flavors our employees wanted:

  1. Rocky Road Ice Cream
  2. Green Tea
  3. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate
  4. Butter Pecan

Among the four, at least two of those flavors would be under fire by senators. Adults like fun flavors as well because everyone was once a kid. What are your thoughts on this issue? Comment below and let us know!

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