St. Nick’s Stick E-Juice

Someone help me.

Someone help me.

A Candid Interview From The North Pole

We recently had an opportunity to sit, on the lap, of Mr. Kringle while he was in town for a scrap-booking convention. He was very excited to finally learn of an e-liquid worthy of his namesake. Though not common knowledge, Mr. Kringle is a former smoker. Now and occasionally, he  uses a vaping stick when times get hectic before the holidays. “I have to wrap 340 Trillion gifts, do you have any idea how stressful that is? It doesn’t help that my helpers are drunk half the time,” lamented Mr. Kringle as he took a pull of his no nicotine e-liquid and exhaled a ring of smoke that trickled away into the air in the shape of little sugar plums.

“If it wasn’t for Saint Nick’s E-Juice there wouldn’t be a holiday, no doubt about it,” Mr. Kringle stated that his incompetent staff often mislabeled gifts, mixed up toys, and placed questionable items for childrens gifts. In addition, the staff were found sleeping during work hours as the security cameras recorded these shocking images. “All of these elves? They’re unionized and I can’t discipline them,” he spoke after taking a long pull on his peppermint e-juice. “I’m so fed up with them my hair is turning white…oh wait.” His relationship with longtime lover, Miss Klaus, has been strained as she is completely engrossed in studying material for an upcoming falconer’s exam. “Thank the heavens for St. Nick’s Stick! Ho, ho, ho! You know what I’m saying?”

Liquid Puf Saves The Holidays

Vaping St. Nick’s Stick has been a huge stress reliever for Mr. Kringle as the clock ticks closer to the looming gift wrapping deadline. “The more peppermint e-juice I vape, the less I stress about paid time off these helpers take two weeks before the big day. You would freak out too if half your workforce took sabbatical before a huge deadline.”

If this product endorsement by Mr. Kringle for St. Nick’s Stick E-Juice isn’t proof of the powerful, relaxing peppermint flavor then we don’t know what is. Curious? Try St. Nick’s Stick for yourself, available online only from Puf Cigs.

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