Sneak Peek at Method Man’s Interview and Photo Shoot

Method man talking about Puf Cigs.Last month, Puf Cigs was proud to announce its official partnership with Method Man, hip-hop icon from the Wu-Tang Clan. Now the gears are in full set as yesterday, we held an interview and a photo shoot with Method Man at Eve Ultra Lounge. We would love to give special thanks to GO Social NYC for putting the team together for the interview and the photo shoot. A shout out to Renee Wood for interviewing Method Man and to Kenneth Paul Graham for the awesome videography and photography! Ms. Wood was fabulous on screen. She had done her homework (as every interviewer should) and pitched some interesting questions to the hip-hop icon. Mr. Graham took amazing shots which we’ll reveal in the next few days. Mr. Catoggio and Mr. Babilonia, company executives, were happy with how things went. “GO Social NYC did a good job,” said Mr. Babilonia, “Things are looking really bright for us at Pufs.”


Method Man with his marketing team

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