Smokers Choose Electronic Cigarettes as Favorite Quitting Tool

Choose Your FlavorSmokers choose electronic cigarettes as their favorite quitting tool and that’s no surprise because smokers that have tried to quit analog cigarettes using nicotine patches and gums will likely say this: “the nicotine patches are ineffective in satisfying my nicotine fix” and “chewing nicotine gum is like chewing dry tree bark.” Electronic cigarettes have become a favorite because they mimic analog cigarettes, but the most important difference is that e-cigs do not burn tobacco and contain only a few ingredients whereas analog cigs contain thousands of chemicals, many of which are detrimental to human health.

In a new study of consumer behavior from Kantar Media, of the adults who used an electronic cigarette product to help them quit smoking in the past twelve months, 57 percent chose electronic cigarettes over nicotine patches, gums, and other forms of smoking cessation products! The study’s results are based on more than 20,000 responses to a questionnaire about health-related behavior mailed to a random sample of 50,000 American households.

Though the results do not demonstrate that electronic cigarettes are effective at helping smokers quit analog cigarettes, the results does indicate the smokers prefer to use electronic cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid.

If you would like to read more about this study, visit the following link – The Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on the Smoking Cessation Industry 

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