Vape Disposable E-Cigs & Save Money

Many of our customers have found that once they started vaping e-cigarettes, they actually smoke less traditional cigarettes or completely stop. They don’t have to invest in a full carton of cigarettes and go through a pack a day. With disposable e-cigarettes like Puf Cigs, you can get up to 900 puffs from a single stick. So, you’re actually saving more money when you quit smoking tobacco and switch over to electronic cigarettes. Here are a few more ways you save money with e-cigarettes:

E-Cigarettes are a Smarter Alternative

You have probably have heard this a dozen times – e-cigarettes are a smarter alternative than traditional cigarettes. For one, they do not contain tobacco. The cost of treating illnesses caused by tobacco can easily burn a hole in your wallet.

Earn Puf Points & Save Even More Money

Puf Cigs provides discounts through our Puf Points Program. It’s easy to save money each time you purchase e-cigarettes with this great program. Go here to learn how you can start earning Puf Points today.

Free Shipping on Your E-Cig Orders

The cost of shipping these days can be outrageous. That’s why we have decided to offer our customers FREE Shipping on every e-cigarette order. So, you can order as many times as you want and you don’t have to worry about paying for the cost of shipping.

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