E-Cigs Are An Innovation With Potential to Help Millions

Freedom to VapeApproximately 14,000 people will die from tobacco-related diseases around the world, today. That’s nearly 6,000,000 deaths a year. And the annual estimated deaths does not take into account the lives lost from secondhand smoke and fires. The numbers would be staggering. We have created a public-health disaster and neither public-service campaigns or regulations will solve this disaster because our addiction to nicotine is simply too strong. But nicotine is not the catalyst for disease as the chemical does not cause cancer. We have known for decades that smokers light up a cigarette for nicotine, but they die from chemicals in the tobacco smoke as a result. The issue became apparent: find a way to deliver nicotine without also delivering high-risk chemicals into the human body. But despite the knowing the issue, the tobacco industry continued to make cigarettes that burned tobacco to deliver nicotine along with thousands of other chemicals. Among consumer products, cigarettes have one of the longest running track record for lack of technical innovation. Cigarettes are long overdue for an innovation. Thankfully, electronic cigarettes are here.

The first electronic cigarette was invented in the 1960s, but did not become popular nor in demand until the early 2000s after the battery-operated device was reinvented. The electronic cigarette is an innovation that can potentially help millions with their nicotine craving. As stated earlier, nicotine is not the chemical that causes cancer, but it is the addictive agent within analog cigarettes that makes it so difficult for people to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes can deliver nicotine effectively to curb one’s addiction and can do so without the addition of chemicals, tar, smoke, and ash. The device is battery powered and its e-liquid is usually made with four standard ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine. Vegetable glycerin and proplyene glycol are FDA approved ingredients and are found in salad dressing and beer, respectively.

Electronic cigarettes present a unique opportunity for every smoker, but politically driven agendas and mismanagement may take away this opportunity from all smokers. Fight for your freedom to vape. Tell your elected officials how electronic cigarettes have helped you. Sign petitions to show your support for electronic cigarettes. You have the power to shape the future. Use it.



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