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Michael Catoggio - Puf CigsStaten Island Advance’s Tracey Porpora wrote an article about us, Puf Cigs, this morning: From Stock Broker to E-Smoker: Staten Islander Cashing in on E-Cig Craze. A well-written article about the business of Puf Cigs. The idea of Puf Cigs was founded by Michael Catoggio, our CEO and co-founder, and his relief that he finally found a better alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Mr. Catoggio was a smoker for more than two decades. For a long time, he tried various smoking cessation methods in an effort to try quitting. But the gums, the patches, and the pills, none of them worked. And our boss wasn’t alone in the battle to quit traditional tobacco cigarettes. Many traditional cigarette users tried to quit and many have failed. Habit is hard to break, especially after twenty long years. It wasn’t until Catoggio came across an electronic cigarette at a New Jersey fair. The salesman told Catoggio, ” This e-cig is like a regular cigarette, but there’s no tar, no tobacco, no smoke, and no ash. You can get your nicotine fix and not smell like burnt wood.” An electronic cigarette is not the cure, but it is the smarter alternative. And it worked for Catoggio.

That fateful meeting allowed Catoggio to move forward with his life and leave behind traditional tobacco cigarettes. And that fateful meeting also gave birth to Puf Cigs because the electronic cigarette the salesman sold to Catoggio was not the best of quality and flavor, to say the least. In the words of our boss, “It (e-cig) got me off smoking, but it tasted like sh*t. I was sure I could come up with a better product.”  After many trials and more errors, Catoggio and his team of testers finally found the perfect flavors with the best ingredients.

Puf Cigs.

Puf Cigs Electronic Cigarettes

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