Reduce Your Nicotine Needs

Reduce Nicotine NeedsElectronic-liquid, otherwise known as e-liquid, electronic juice and e-juice, can reduce your nicotine needs in a less stressful and less challenging manner. E-juice can come in various flavors ranging from desserts to fruits to even obscure things like Midnight Munchies. And the best part of all, e-juice can come in various nicotine strength levels making this product extremely ideal for those seeking to reduce their nicotine addiction.

In order to start reducing your nicotine needs, you need to know how much nicotine you usually consume with analog cigarettes (tobacco cigarettes). Knowing how much you consume can help you gauge how many milligrams you will need for your e-liquid. Please note that the following information is a guideline derived from smokers’ and former-smokers’ opinions on their estimation of nicotine consumption from analog cigarettes to e-liquids. This guideline at the very least will point you in the right direction. You may have to conduct a trial and error which can involve various flavors and that can be a lot of fun.

Generally, most brands carry five nicotine strength levels for their e-liquids. At Puf Cig, we carry 24 mg, 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, and 0 mg. Heavy smokers, it is recommended that you purchase your e-liquid at 18 milligrams. Mid-level smokers should consider purchasing e-liquid at 12 milligrams. And light smokers should aim for 6 milligrams or 0 milligrams. 24 milligrams has a very strong hit to the throat, which can cause coughing and discomfort. However, extremely heavy smokers should purchase 24 milligrams so they can adjust their bodies to a new form of nicotine intake. Vaping and smoking are very different from each other, thought they may appear similar. Vaping has far fewer risks than smoking. If you’re curious about vaping and smoking differences, check out Answers to Common E-Cig Questions.

Once you have chosen your initial nicotine strength level, purchase an e-liquid with that level as well as an e-liquid with a lower nicotine strength level. The process of reducing your nicotine needs requires two e-liquids and here’s why. Let’s say your initial nicotine strength level is 18 mg. That said, the lower nicotine strength level is 12 mg. The start of your vaping routine should be 90% at 18 mg and 10% at 12 mg. Over the course of time, you should move to 80% at 18 mg and 20% at 12 mg. Eventually, your vaping routine will come to 10% at 18 mg and 90% at 12 mg. When that ratio occurs, it’s time to buy the next lower nicotine strength level. Repeat this process until you are nicotine free.

All of Puf’s e-liquids are available in five nicotine strength levels, so you can change flavors whenever you are bored. If you do not have a personal vaporizer to use with e-liquids, check out Puf Cig’s line of PVs.


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