Why Puf Cigs are better than other vaping devices

Thankfully, Americans are beginning to take seriously the Surgeon General’s warning that smoking tobacco is bad for a person’s health.  For those who have not found success quitting using nicotine patches, gums and pills, there are E-Cigs and vaping devices.

Most like vaping devices because they offer the user the sensation of smoking and the visual que of a large blast of vapor upon exhaling.  These vaping devices come with a wide variety of flavor oils that allow users to mix, match or switch depending on their desire.

The advent of vaping devices began with a patent filed in 1927 and granted in 1930 to Joseph Robinson. He never commercialized the patent nor is it obvious that a prototype was created In 1963  Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent which was granted in 1965.  He developed a prototype that looked like modern E-Cigs but never commercialized it.  In 1979 Phil Ray and physician Norman Jacobson created the first commercial E-Cig.  They also conducted studies on nicotine delivery.  They introduced the verb “vape” into the English language.

The 1990’s was a pivotal decade for E-Cigs. Numerous patents were filed by tobacco companies and individual inventors.  One major tobacco company filed for and was denied by the FDA, permission to bring a nicotine delivery device to the public.  In 2003, in Beijing, China, Hon Lik created a device after his father, who was a heavy smoker, died of lung cancer.  The company he worked for developed the device and then renamed itself, Ruyan, which means “like smoke.”

It wasn’t until 2006 that the E-Cig was introduced to Americans.  There were many types of E-Cigs on the market but Puf Cigs was the only disposable device that came in a variety of robust flavors and delivered a large amount of visible vapor. Though the puff of vapor was large, it did not carry an odor which made it suitable for use indoors and out and within close proximity to others.  In other words, when someone used Puf Cigs, they did not infringe on the personal space of others.  This quality E-Cig became the perfect alternative for those wishing to quit smoking tobacco products.

Several years later, Puf Cigs began offering rechargeable batteries that could accept different flavor cartridges in varying levels of nicotine.  The E-Cig battery has a long life and the cartridges provide more puffs than other E-Cig products.

Puf Cigs is the best product on the market today for ease of use, flavor, puff delivery and the availability of varying levels of nicotine or no nicotine at all.  Our product is as small as a tobacco cigarette and virtually odorless (read more reviews).  When you compare it with a large vaping device which is heavy and smelly, it is a far better alternative for those who intend to vape in public.  Best of all, the price is reasonable – pennies on the dollar compared to tobacco cigarettes.  Puf Cigs is the far better vaping alternative.

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