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Tobacco CEO is Vaping

Reynolds American CEO Susan Cameron has joined the future as the former smoker now spends her days vaping electronic cigarettes. Ms. Cameron’s new vaping lifestyle is another clear indication that electronic cigarettes are on an upward...

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9 Facts of Tobacco Cigs and Some May Be New to You

Fact #1: Cigarettes actually contain sugar, but this vital information is not made known to the public. Diabetics who smoke cigarettes can be at great risk due to that sugar content.

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Ban on Vaping in Manhattan Beach Starts Soon

Last month, the Manhattan Beach City Council voted to adopt Ordinance 14-0008, the prohibition of smoking in public places and regulating electronic cigarettes. This ordinance will amend existing smoking regulations to include a citywide...

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Controversial Drug Test – If You Smoke or Vape, You May Lose Your Job

The headline for this article says it all, and it is truly absurd. Starting next year, Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Maryland will require all potential employees – nurses, surgeons, security guards –...

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Staying Ahead All The Time

After more than five years of a virtually unregulated market, the United States Food and Drug Administration wants to bring electronic cigarettes and its related products under federal authority due to the rising concerns...


USFDA Spends $270 Million on E-Cig Research Projects

The United States Food and Drug Administration is finally funding electronic cigarette research projects to determine the risks of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular and every day, Americans become hooked on the...

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Short Clip of Meth’s Interview

Happy Monday folks! We hope everyone enjoyed the three day weekend filled with fireworks, BBQ, and good times. Alas, all good things must come to an end and the work week must begin. So...

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Our Supreme Court Justices are Tech-Illiterate

As electronic cigarettes grow in popularity, it won’t be long before these battery operated devices are debated in front of the Supreme Court. When that day comes, the Supreme Court Justices will have to...

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Sneak Peek at Method Man’s Interview and Photo Shoot

Last month, Puf Cigs was proud to announce its official partnership with Method Man, hip-hop icon from the Wu-Tang Clan. Now the gears are in full set as yesterday, we held an interview and...

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E-Cigs Will Save You Money

There are many reasons why smokers have switched over to electronic cigarettes and chief among them are for health and finance. Electronic cigarettes are battery operated devices that heat a liquid solution which creates...