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Can Electronic Cigarettes Cure The Smoking Problem?

Many people find it difficult to give up on traditional cigarettes although they know they need to quit due to serious health concerns. When they search for smarter alternatives, they want to see the...

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Too Many American Teens are Smoking Little Cigars

Little cigars appear just like cigarettes except they are less costly than cigarettes. However, they are just as detrimental. These little cigars are available in a variety of flavors, such as candy apple and...

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Experts Claim Smoking Could Kill Up to a Billion People

Smoking traditional cigarettes is depicted as the largest catastrophe in public health in our world’s history. This century, it is expected that smoking will annihilate approximately a billion people across the globe unless governments...

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Disney Cruise Line Bans E-Cigarettes

Recently, Disney Cruise Line announced that they are not only banning tobacco cigarettes on ALL of their cruise ships, they are banning e-cigarettes as well. Why ban e-cigarettes?

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The Anti-Smoking Movement Is Wrong About E-Cigarettes

Regardless of when something is running smoothly, there is always a group of people that want to come and change things around. The saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” rings true in...

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Myths & Facts About Lung Cancer

There are many myths about lung cancer these days that it’s hard to discern what’s true. Here are the most common myths about lung cancer.

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Facts Every Parent Should Know About Adolescent Smoking

Here are twelve facts that EVERY parent should know about adolescent smoking – Fact #1: 1.5 Million packs of cigarettes are bought for minors every year. Fact #2: Approximately 20 percent of teens consider...

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Can Vaping E-Cigarettes Really Help You to Quit Smoking?

For many critics, the belief that vaping e-cigarettes helps people quit smoking tobacco is just a lie. This simply isn’t the case. At Puf Cigs, we received responses from many of our customers about how...

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Top Ways to Quit Smoking

You have made a big decision. You are finally going to quit smoking. This is one of the wisest decisions you’ll ever make. However, there are a few triggers that you will want to...

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3 Tips You Don’t Want to Miss with Electronic Cigarettes

With the recent ban of cigarette smoking in parks, sidewalks and other public areas, more people are compelled to buy electronic cigarettes than ever before. You’ll find that puffing on e-cigarettes are slightly different...