Over 3,000 Products?

15241933-mmmainCan you imagine browsing through 3,000 electronic cigarette products? We picture rows of tiny boxes situated neatly on shelves. The store wouldn’t be big since 3,000 e-cig products will not take up a lot of space because the packaging for most e-cigs products are compact and small. But the matter of looking at the products is what’s going to be painful. Forget trying to find the right product. Regardless if you’re browsing online or in-store, looking at 3,000 products should give anyone a headache or at least, sore eyes. We at Puf Cigs carry 33 products, enough to give all our customers what they need and it’s not overwhelming. But if you’re interesting in discovering for yourself what it feels like to look at 3,000 products, then you’re in luck. There is a new electronic cigarette store in New Susquehanna Township called LitecigUSA which will have its grand opening sometime in mid to late July. The e-cig store will carry over 3,000 products and 19 different e-liquid lines. Everything related to electronic cigarettes will likely be there. The owner, Shawn Probst, said that the store will carry a broad selection of e-liquids at low prices. “There’s probably 500 flavors,” said Probst. Luckily for Probst, his business does not reside in the state of New York. New York had passed a new bill that will ban the sales of e-liquids. Only registered manufacturers are allowed to sell e-liquids. Anyway, with 500 flavors offered at this store, we can only imagine that there will be bizarre and strange flavors like dry-rub ribs and water. A water flavor, now there’s a unique flavor. If you’d like to read more about this 1,300 square-foot store, read more at the PennLive Blog. 


Image Courtesy of PennLive 

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