Smokers’ Opinions on Electronic Cigarettes

young woman smoking electronic cigarette outdoor office buildingElectronic cigarettes are growing in popularity as former smokers turn to these battery-powered vaporizers to relieve their nicotine addiction and/or to satisfy the mouth to hand sensation, a habit that becomes increasingly difficult to break the longer a person has been smoking. Many former smokers gave positive reviews on electronic cigarettes, but there were a few that stood out and we want to share them with you because while we cannot and will not make health claims about electronic cigarettes, we are happy that our customers have a positive experience with our products.

Dave, 28 – “I’m a bit asthmatic. I’ve been vaping for a few months and I don’t need my pump. I’m breathing fine.”

Chris, 35 – “I cough out this black matter here and there when I vape. Think it’s my lungs clearing up?”

Jaz, 23 – “I never realized the smell of smoke until I started vaping. I actually used to smell like that? That disgusts me.”

Mikey, 45 – “When I used to smoke, I did it out of habit. My hand kept touching my mouth and it was annoying. I didn’t need the nicotine. I needed to keep my hand busy.”

John, 54 – “My breath doesn’t smell like shit anymore. My teeth is getting whiter, I think. And my wife is just happy to smell mint on me rather than smoke.”

Sho, 37 – “I need my nicotine, man. I can’t ignore it. The Red Tobacco is my favorite. I get what I need and I don’t need to carry a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. Just need this pencil shape thing.”

Steven, 41 – “Crazy transition from cigarettes to e-cigs for me. I smoked and vaped at the same time, man! And I realized how crazy it looked, so now I just vape.”

Puf Cigs would like to thank everyone that has been using our products! We’ll continue to do our best! You can count on that.


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