Nixon Vetos E-Cig Age Restriction Bill

GovernorNixon.jpgThis week, Missouri Governor Nixon vetoed a bill that would have prohibited the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors. That seems rather strange since many states and counties have begun banning minors, anyone under the age of eighteen, from buying electronic cigarettes or vaping products. Well the Missouri governor has his reason for vetoing this bill.

Apparently, Mr. Nixon called the bill, SB 841, “cynical” because the bill would bar sales to individuals under the age of eighteen and continue to subject electronic cigarettes to the state and local sales taxes, but would prohibit the products from being taxed or regulated as tobacco products in the state. Mr. Nixon did not like the last part.

Mr. Nixon wants to tax and regulate electronic cigarette as tobacco products so he vetoed the bill. However by vetoing the bill, he is also allowing minors to purchase electronic cigarettes, legally. It’s going to be one hell of a day for the Missouri government.

Image Courtesy of Komu 

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