Myths & Facts About Lung Cancer

There are many myths about lung cancer these days that it’s hard to discern what’s true. Here are the most common myths about lung cancer.

Myth #1: Light Cigarettes Are Safer Than Regular Cigarettes This is false. Whether a person smokes ‘light’ or even ‘ultra-light’ cigarettes, they are still very harmful. This goes for ‘low-tar’ cigarettes as well.

Myth #2: Taking Vitamins Can Protect You from Lung Cancer Some smokers think that if they take vitamins, eat right and exercise, it will protect them from lung cancer. You can have the healthiest lifestyle and still develop lung cancer if you’re a smoker. You will greatly reduce your risk if you quit smoking.

Myth #3: Your City’s Air Pollution is the Leading Cause of Lung Cancer According to experts, tobacco is the leading cause of developing lung cancer. Only 5 percent of air pollution is responsible for lung cancer cases.

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