More Great ‘Quitting Smoking’ Tips

If you have tried switching to electronic cigarettes full-time, but you have slipped back to smoking cigarettes, you’re not alone. In this article, we’re going to share a few helpful ‘quitting smoking’ tips to help get you through the challenge of giving up traditional smoking.

Take Control of Stress

One of the first things that many people do when they feel the pressure of stress coming on is to take a smoke break. It’s like you have been good all along. You have given up smoking for 90 days, then suddenly, someone (or something) completely stresses you out.

Instead of flying off the handle or doing something you will regret, you pull out a cigarette and light up.  If you don’t have any cigarettes within your possession, you’ll drive miles down the road to the nearest convenience store to buy a pack.  This is just a typical scenario – every story is different.

One way to avoid stress is to substitute smoking for something healthier. For example, you can take a 10-15 minute walk. Walking has a way of relieving stress rather quickly. It gives you time to think and work out your problem out. You can also try drinking a cold glass of water with ice or even chew a stick of gum. This may sound a little hokey, but it has worked for many people.

How to Deal With Smokers

So, you have given up smoking for a couple of weeks, then you’re invited to a party where your former smoking buddies will be present. Maybe you walked passed a smoker on your way home from work and you felt tempted to start up smoking again. One way to reduce the urge of smoking is reverse psychology.  There are many former smokers who can no longer stand the smell of cigarette smoke. For some people, it makes them sick to their stomach.

You can watch videos, read articles and view pictures of the ‘negative’ effects of smoking cigarettes. Whenever you come across the smell of cigarettes, you can train your brain to dislike the smell of smoke by simply saying, “Ugggh, a disgusting habit!” or “Cigarettes smell awful.” Believe it or not, it has worked for many people.

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