The White Girl & Origins Of Pumpkin Pie

Liquid Puf Flavor Spotlight: The White Girl E-Juice

The fall season brings to mind many things. Cool breezes, colorful foliage, and of course pumpkins. Nowadays there seems to be pumpkins everywhere you turn. There’s pumpkin spice in every autumnal themed product. Pumpkin spice deodorant. Pumpkin spice glass cleaners. A pumpkin spice seasoned filet mignon was recently spotted at a local restaurant. At Puf Cigs, we haved decided to keep the pumpkin spice available all year long with The White Girl pumpkin spice flavored e-liquid.

Finally, no more waiting until the leaves start falling. Football season does not have to start in order for you to enjoy the unique and spicy sweetness that is found in The White Girl by Puf Cigs. The White Girl from Liquid Puf has captured and balanced the smooth, creamy taste of pumpkin and our favorite autumnal spices. Want to know the secret origin of pumpkin pie? Originally the colonists that founded our country sliced off the top of the pumpkin and filled it with milk, honey, and spices. The pumpkin was then cooked over a bed of hot ashes. Stir the tasty mixture up and you had what we would call pumpkin pie. Want another fun fact on pumpkins? Pumpkins used to be the primary ingredient in pie crusts!

Much like the pumpkin itself, The White Girl by Liquid Puf is made right here in the USA. Pumpkins are native to North America and are grown all over the world. Almost one billion pounds of pumpkins are grown right here in the United States each year. Did you know that it was once believed that witches turned people into pumpkins, hence their association with the supernatural? Crazy, right?

Unless you unfortunately suffer from the crippling effects of cucurbitophobia, the fear of pumpkins (and cucumbers), now is the perfect time to stock up on The White Girl from Puf Cigs. It’s available with or without nicotine. You can also order a sample bottle to see what all the hype is about.

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