Initiate the Vaporizers!

Puf Cigs Personal VaporizersFill the tanks. Fully charge the battery. Initiate the vaporizers! No, we’re  not making some reference to Star Trek or Star Wars or some obscure space gun. We’re actually referring to the new personal vaporizers that is now available for sale at our website. We have four different types of vapor kits, each designed to satisfy a level of vaping needs. You won’t have to buy too much or spend too little. Though every kit provides different tools to satisfy your vaping needs, every kit does provide you with the liberty to choose battery color, tank color, and flavor and nicotine strength level for the e-liquid. The 650 mAh battery is available in crimson red and metallic silver, and the 900 mAh battery is available in pitch black and shiny gold. The 900 mAh battery costs three dollars more because it provides a longer battery life. The Tornado Tank is available in crimson red, metallic silver, pitch black, and snow white. Mix or match your battery and tank. For the e-liquid, there are fifteen flavors to choose from and five choices for nicotine level – 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg. With that said, let’s get started on the explaining the kits!

The first vapor kit we offer is the Quick Fix Kit for $34.95. This kit comes with one battery, one Tornado Tank, one express USB charger, and one 5 ml sample flavor of Liquid Puf. You have the liberty to choose between a 650 mAh or 900 mAh battery. If you aren’t near an USB port for recharging your battery, then you may be better of with the 900 mAh battery. The Quick Fix Kit is ideal for those that need a ‘quick fix’ to get them through the day. A perfect kit for light vapers.

The second vapor kit is the Basic Kit, which is ideal for light to moderate vapers. The Basic Kit provides everything that the Quick Fix Kit offers, but with significant differences. Instead of a 5 ml sample flavor bottle, you can choose your flavor in a 15 ml bottle. In addition, you also get a charging kit which is a USB dongle cord that can be used with any device that has a USB port and a wall adapter which is to be used in conjunction with the USB dongle cord. So even if you’re not near a computer, you can still charge your battery as long as you have an outlet. The Basic Kit costs $49.95.

The third vapor kit is the Essentials Kit, which costs $89.95. This kit was designed for moderate to heavy vapers, which is why the kit provides two Tornado Tanks, one battery, one 30 ml bottle of a Liquid Puf flavor, a charging kit which comprises of a wall adapter and a USB dongle cord, and a carrying case. Having an extra tank filled with e-liquid means you can either have a quick reload or have another flavor to vape. The Essentials Kit is our best selling kit because it provides all the necessities without costing too much.

The fourth and final vapor kit is the Max Voltage Kit and as the name suggest, this kit provides the two batteries, four Tornado Tanks, a complete charging kit (USB dongle cord, wall adapter, car adapter charger and USB express charger), a carrying case and five 15 ml bottles of Liquid Puf. Fill each tank with a different flavor, charge up both batteries, and vape away. Swirl in different flavors at different nicotine strength levels. Enjoy vaping to the max!


For a complete list and detailed information on the Personal Vaporizers, just visit our website!

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