Heats Tobacco at 660 Degrees?!

HeatStickImagine holding a device thats heats up to 660 degrees. Would you still be holding it? We don’t think so. Philip Morris International Inc, the makers of Marlboro cigarettes, have a new device that delivers heats tobacco instead of burning it. It’s called the HeatStick and is one of several so-called “reduced-risk’ products the giant tobacco company plans to test since the consumption of traditional tobacco cigarettes are declining.

The world’s second-largest tobacco company is hoping to capitalize on the demand for better alternatives to traditional cigarettes, such as electronic cigarettes and vaporizers. And though this seems to be done in the best intention to increase profits, is it a good idea to sell a device that heats up to 660 degrees? What are your thoughts? Comment below!

Find out more about the HeatSticks.

Image courtesy of NJ1015

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