Harvard Health Publications Says E-Cigs Less Dangerous

Over the years there has been lots of doubt surrounding the use of E-Cigs as a means to to stop smoking regular tobacco cigarettes. That doubt has caused lawmakers in nearly every state to treat E-Cigs in the same way they treat traditional tobacco products, relegating E-Cig smokers to standing outside amidst the swirling clouds of second hand smoke they have bravely given up if they want to enjoy their E-Cig. For those who were using E-Cigs as a means to stop smoking, being forced to puff with regular smokers tested their willpower and sometimes undermined their attempt at quitting regular tobacco.

While we can not report that lawmakers have finally realized that their attempt to protect the public from the “unknown” was actually hurting those who are trying to quit smoking traditional tobacco products, we can report that Harvard Health Publications has finally released a paper declaring that “E-Cigs are less dangerous than traditional tobacco products.”

This is a very important declarative because it could be the first step toward lawmakers actually helping those addicted to traditional tobacco products move toward better health by switching to e-cigs.

The study states, “for people who are currently addicted to cigarettes, e-cigarettes provide a less dangerous nicotine source, without exposure to tar or most of the poisonous gases in cigarette smoke.” In that they are 100% correct. Most E-Cigs contain a fraction of the chemicals found in regular tobacco smoke and those chemicals are far more human friendly.

The study also states that young people are using E-Cigs at an alarming rate. What it doesn’t state is that while young people are using E-Cigs they are not smoking traditional tobacco products. The fact that fewer young people are smoking tobacco products should be viewed as a good thing, not a negative used to make E-Cig users feel uncomfortable.

While all the facts aren’t in, the early facts all point to the same thing – the use of E-Cigs is far more healthful than smoking traditional tobacco products. That is not news to the hundreds of thousands of E-Cig users who have been successful at quitting tobacco products using E-Cigs. We know firsthand the benefits of being able to breathe better and feel more energetic using E-Cigs instead of smoking traditional tobacco. Our hope is that lawmakers finally come the realization that their laws that were designed to benefit public health may be hindering those who want to quit smoking but are failing due to the temptation they are forced to face when they are made to stand with “true” smokers to puff an E-Cig.

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