The Government Should Stop Demonizing E Cigs

If you are a former smoker who has found a way to quit that unhealthy habit through a vaping device, you may be disappointed to learn that many states are trying to hinder your success by forcing you to stand outside with smokers of tobacco cigarettes when you have the urge to puff.  The ironic thing about this ridiculous regulation is that the FDA and state governments have banned smoking indoors because of the hazards of second hand smoke. We happen to agree that second hand smoke is problematic.  We also believe that first hand smoke is dangerous which is why we created an electronic device that acts like a cigarette but doesn’t come with all the harmful by-products of a cigarette.

When you read the thousands of blogs about electronic cigarettes on the internet you will find that they have something in common – most are written by ex-smokers who experienced failure after failure when trying to quit. Most found success by using an E-Cig with a step down nicotine program.  You would think that type of success rate would encourage the government to make the product more accessible to those trying to quit smoking tobacco products.

It’s amazing that the Surgeon General’s warning that smoking tobacco is bad for your health coupled with the realization that people who use nicotine patches, gum and pills as a means to quit smoking do not find the same success as those who replace tobacco with an E-Cig is not enough for the FDA to find the product worthy of positive investigation.  Instead they have chosen to ban the use of the product while studying which is likely to cause many people who were thinking of quitting to hesitate.

By all accounts, the number of Americans who smoke tobacco products has gone down.  At the same time, the number of Americans who are using electronic cigarettes has gone up.  Anecdotally that would tell us that Americans are quitting tobacco cigarettes in exchange for E-Cigs.

The American Cancer Society has reported that cancer rates have dropped 23% over 21 years with lung cancer dropping more than 2% in that time frame – the same time frame that E-Cigs came on the market and began being used by the public.  Coincidence?  Maybe – but we think it is a coincidence worth studying honestly.  What the FDA has done is to vilify electronic cigarettes by scaring the public in order to steer them away from using them.  At the turn of the 20th the medical community did not believe that heart attacks and blood pressure was connected.  They soon realized they were wrong.  Perhaps they shouldn’t be so quick to assume the worst about E-Cigs.

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