USFDA Spends $270 Million on E-Cig Research Projects

U.S. FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) LOGOThe United States Food and Drug Administration is finally funding electronic cigarette research projects to determine the risks of electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes have become increasingly popular and every day, Americans become hooked on the battery operated devices. The FDA will spend 270 million dollars on nearly fifty different research projects. Among the projects, one team will explore Facebook for posts on how people are tinkering with electronic cigarettes to make the devices deliver extra nicotine. Another team will measure how e-cig displays and price promotions could have an influence on minors, mainly thirteen to seventeen years old. And a third team will search for volunteer vapers and track their puff count. With the electronic cigarette industry projected to make $2 billion in sales this year and likely more in sales the following tear, the FDA must commit to research and study in order to issue any regulations and restrictions, if needed.

Though this sounds great and all that the FDA is committing millions to research and we will finally know the risk of electronic cigarettes, the final results may not be available until 2018. Until then, electronic cigarette companies will remain virtually unchallenged for the time being. It will remain up to the electronic cigarette companies to be govern themselves in a respectful manner, or not. If you’re interested in reading more about what the FDA plans to do with 270 million dollars, please visit As Millions Vape, E-Cigarette Researchs Count Puffs, Scour Facebook. 

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