Experts Claim Smoking Could Kill Up to a Billion People

Smoking traditional cigarettes is depicted as the largest catastrophe in public health in our world’s history. This century, it is expected that smoking will annihilate approximately a billion people across the globe unless governments worldwide suppress the tobacco industry.

It’s been said that governments must achieve more than what has already been accomplished to regulate the worldwide tobacco industry. This can be done either by a severe increase in cigarette prices or banning tobacco ads. There has been talks that they may even place a tax on multinational cigarette profits of the big firms.

Typically from cancer, smoking destroys over half of all smokers. Despite smoking being the single greatest risk of premature death, scientists calculate that there are approximately 30 million new smokers annually.

With cigarette companies targeting the populations of non-smokers in the developing world, if current trends persist, then hundreds of millions of men, women and children will die of cancer in the latter half of the 21st century.

After attending the World Oncology Forum, some experts called for a complete ban on cigarettes. They even suggested that the tobacco industry be labelled as a terrorist movement because they’re constantly seeking new ways to promote a product that is fatal.

The research which shows that tobacco is the single greatest cause of cancer is presently well established, following the 1950s publication of the earliest evidence by Sir Richard Doll, the late Oxford epidemiologist.

Globally, tobacco is the cause for approximately 22 percent of deaths related to cancer each year; about 1.7 million men and women die, with approximately 1 million of them losing their lives to lung cancer. Sadly, new smokers among the young increases faster than those giving up smoking.

There was a study into smoking health effects which involved 1.3 million women. It revealed that tobacco is even more lethal than it was in the past. The good news is that quitting smoking offers more benefits that previously estimated, according to experts.

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