Electronic World and Electronic Cigarettes

Look around you. What is analog anymore? Clocks have are now digital. Phones do not require wires. Messages can be sent electronically. Movies can be viewed on a phone. And games are not made of cardboard and plastic anymore. Today, we live in a world of electronics, where electricity reigns supreme as the source of our livelihood. And that reign of supremacy has extended to cigarettes. Tobacco cigarettes are also known as analog cigarettes, and the word ‘analog’ is a clear indication of the old and obsolete. Tobacco users have to dedicate space on their personal beings for the pack and a lighter, which can be quite a hassle when one jean pocket stores the wallet and the other stores the smartphone. And handbags usually end up smelling like tobacco and lighter fluid. Not the pleasant of smells. Analog cigarettes simply do not have a place in the electronic world.

But electronic cigarettes do. The use of these battery operated devices continue to become more prominent as smokers and former-smokers view these devices as the smarter alternative to traditional tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes are usually smaller and no thicker than a pen. Easy to fit in any pocket or handbag. And since e-cigs run on electricity, you just need to charge the device as you would with a smartphone. Of course, depending upon how often you use the e-cig as you would with a smartphone, you might need a recharge. But finding an outlet and a charger is much easier than finding a lighter.

If you like to smoke analog cigarettes, you should upgrade yourself to electronic cigarettes. You either move with the times or you get left behind.


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