Electronic Cigarettes Reduce Tobacco Cravings

A new study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has revealed that the use of electronic cigarettes can reduce tobacco cravings. Researchers at KU Leven followed 48 smokers who did not plan to quit for eight months.The participants were split into three groups. Two of the three were allowed to vape electronic cigarettes and to smoke tobacco cigarettes, while the last group was only allowed to smoke tobacco cigarettes. In the second stage of the study, the last group was allowed to vape electronic cigarettes. Most of the participants started smoking before the age of 20 and the mean age for the 48 smokers was 43.71 years, which means that most of the participants had been smoking for at least two decades. So anyone that thinks quitting tobacco cigarettes is out of the question after decades of smoking tobacco cigarettes, never lose hope as this study revealed some exciting results.

After an eight-week study with a six month follow up, it was revealed that electronic cigarettes were shown to be immediately and highly effective in reducing abstinence-induced cigarette craving and withdrawal symptoms. The continued use of electronic cigarettes resulted in “remarkable reductions in or (biologically confirmed) completed abstinence from tobacco smoking in almost half of the participants who had no intention to quit smoking.” If those two sentences do not heavily imply that electronic cigarettes can be utilized as a smoking cessation tool, then you ought to re-read those lines again. But I’m not saying that electronic cigarettes are a smoking cessation tool as the United States Food and Drug Administration does not allow any company to publically announce that its products or related products are a smoking cessation product. So no, I’m not saying that e-cigs are a smoking cessation tool, but this study seems to imply that in my stead.

Now here are some numbers – 21 percent stopped smoking tobacco cigarettes entirely, and an additional 23 percent cut the number of tobacco cigarettes they smoked per day by half. Smoking reduction is an important issue in public health policy, so everyone should take note of this study because across all groups, the number of tobacco cigarettes smoked was cut by 60%. As the writer for Puf Cigs blog, I haven’t come across any other product that has cut tobacco usage by such a large percentage, and the rest of Puf team can confirm this with me.



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