Electronic Cigarettes are Safer than Traditional Cigarettes

Many men and women have successfully quit traditional cigarettes by vaping electronic cigarettes. Over 90% of smokers fail to give up traditional cigarettes with some of the current FDA-approved methods. Not only are there message boards and blogs dedicated to electronic cigarettes, but there is a myriad of fervent testimonials from those who use the devices.

Some say that electronic cigarettes have changed their lives for the better. In fact, many of them say that they didn’t like the way traditional cigarettes made them smell. They didn’t like what they represented with these cigarettes, mainly to children. Once they discover the electronic cigarette devices, they assert that they haven’t smoked a traditional cigarette since.

Many people not only admit that they smell better without the tobacco, but they feel better and spend much less money than before. Where electronic cigarettes amount to $10 per week, traditional cigarettes can cost as much as $45 weekly.

For those who enjoy blowing smoke, electronic cigarettes offer a smarter alternative. An increasing number of respected scientists and doctors agree; they declare that these devices could put a stop on a key health dilemma.

Electronic cigarettes and other devices containing nicotine provide serious potential to enhance public health; this is done by offering smokers with an alternative to tobacco that is much safer. They need to be available and economical to smokers on a mass scale.

The latest research examined whether men, women and even teens who used them as an alternative to smoking can abstain from traditional cigarettes.

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