E-Cigs vs Tobacco Cigs

Sexy Women LegSmoking traditional tobacco cigarettes is bad for your health because of the tar, smoke, and ash. But do you also know that tobacco smoke is bad for the environment as well? After you read this article, we’re pretty sure you’ll trade tobacco cigarettes for an electronic cigarette or any other vaping product. 


Tobacco Cigs – Most smokers will unconsciously “flick” their cigarette butts after they are through smoking. Billions of cigarette butts are littered throughout world and you’ve seen them. Small yellowish-brown cylinders on the streets, in parks, near garbage cans, and on highways. These cigarette butts take decades to degrade and when they do degrade, they release toxins and other chemicals into the soil, the air, and the water. 

Electronic-Cigs – Most e-cig users will actually hold onto their used vaping products because e-cigarette companies offer recycling programs for used vaping products and in return, give points or cash value for recycling. The recycling programs are a step towards the right direction in helping the environment. In addition, a single cartomizer or disposable e-cig is usually equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, so the ratio of waste between tobacco cigs and e-cigs is 20:1! 


Tobacco Cigs – Cigarette filters, also known as cigarette butts, are made of cellulose acetate tow which cannot be recycled and can take decades to degrade.  Used filters can easily catch fire.

Electronic-Cigs – Nearly all components of an electronic cigarette can be recycled.

Air Quality:

Tobacco Cigs – Smoke from tobacco cigarettes negatively impacts the air quality. The smoke contains pollutants and other toxic compounds that leave a residual odor that is harmful to the smoker and to anyone nearby. Breathing in second-hand smoke is dangerous to one’s lung health.

Electronic-Cigs – E-cigs emit vapor which quickly dissipates after leaving the user’s mouth or nose. The smell of e-cig vapor usually takes the form of whatever flavor the user is vaping. For example, a e-cig user vaping Vanilla Cream will release vapor that smells like vapor. 

Fire Hazard:

Tobacco Cigs – According to the US Fire Administration, 1000 smokers and non smokers are killed each year in fires caused by tobacco cigarettes.

Electronic-Cigs – Electronic cigarettes is battery operated devices. These devices cannot catch fire on their own. 

Economic Value:

Tobacco Cigs –  Smokers report spending $1,000 a year on cigarettes.

Electronic-Cigs – Vapers spend $600 per year on rechargeable e-cigs..

Health Risks:

Tobacco Cigs – Tobacco cigarettes are known to contain 11,000 contaminants which are proven to cause lung disease, cancer and other deadly or debilitating diseases.

Electronic-Cigs – An e-cigarette contains 9 contaminants many of which are found in products we use every day.  Of the 9, only nicotine is known to create health risks to the user.  Most companies offer nicotine free vapor cigarette products.



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