E-Cigarettes and Celebrities

0630-eciggs-970-630x420Did you know there’s a Pinterest board dedicated to electronic cigarettes and celebrities? Well, now you do! This particular board currently has 59 pins and 1,499 followers. This board will likely gain more followers and have more pins as time goes on because there is a growing number of celebrities using e-cigs and it’s actually interesting to see who’s using the battery-operated device: Katherine Heigl, Katy Perry, Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, and Charlie Sheen are just a few to name. As soon as we release the photos of the Method Man shoot in collaboration with Puf Cigs, the hip-hop icon will be another celebrity vaper.

This board brings awareness that electronic cigarettes are not as bad as opponents want everyone to believe. Celebrities that used to smoke traditional cigarettes have embraced e-cigs because it’s a lower risk alternative. Unfortunately, public health officials view this as a nightmare. Health officials spent decades trying to push negative associations with smoking and recently, they have achieved that goal. But the rise of electronic cigarettes have changed the game for the officials as they believe they are confronted with a new battle. They fear that images of glamorous people vaping electronic cigarettes will reverse decades of hard work in getting the cigarette smoking rate decline.

Do you think celebrities vaping electronic cigarettes will give rise to the return of traditional cigarettes?

Image courtesy of BusinessWeek 

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