Ignore the Bans and Turn to the Black Market

Black MarketImagine that as you’re reading this blog post, the government has passed a new law that effectively bans all e-liquid flavors except for menthol and tobacco. There’s no time to order online new packages of your favorite flavors or drive to a local vendor. You would be stuck with whatever you have left in stock at home. So what would you do? Vape your remaining stock in a blaze of glory, conserve and hope it’ll last long enough until the government decides to change the law, or give up vaping? It’s likely that the three possibilities I gave are nothing to what you have in mind. The E-Cigarette Forum recently administered a 75-question online poll to 10,000 members in late June and early July concerning electronic cigarettes and its related products. So if the government were to ban e-liquid flavors immediately, what would these 10,000 respondents do?

About 79 percent of respondents said they would look to the black market if products they use were banned tomorrow. 14 percent said they would return to smoking traditional cigarettes. And the remaining 5 percent said they would try to quit their nicotine addiction entirely. 79 percent! With such a high demand, there’s going to be a supply because there is money to be made. A black market for e-cigarette products would definitely rise. The Prohibition Era is a perfect example. History will repeat itself. And for those that would not have access to the black market, there are alternatives.

Community leaders believe that if e-liquid flavors were banned, many e-cig users would simply make their own concoction. The same thing happened during the Prohibition Era; people made their own booze. Neil Mclaren, co-founder of E-Cigarette Forum stated, “A lot of the flavors in the big-name e-liquids are coming from traditional food flavoring houses that anyone can ring up.” It’s not difficult to make e-liquids. Home-blended e-liquids are already common today because some people have unique tastes.

No one should have any immediate fears about an e-liquid ban, but there is a possibility a ban could happen. Several members of the U.S. Congress have advocated for flavor bans because they believe that e-cig companies that provide options such as bubble gun and cotton candy are either intentionally or incidentally marketing to minors, anyone under the age of 18. But another survey revealed otherwise. Check out Adult E-Cig Users Prefer Fruity Flavors, Obviously. 

Now if a ban were to occur, we can certainly venture to guess that many of us will be inspired to follow the footsteps of Walter White from Breaking Bad. 


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